1993-11-28 - Sodomy, Homosexuality, and Pseudospoofing

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From: an12070@anon.penet.fi (The Pervert)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-28 03:39:18 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 27 Nov 93 19:39:18 PST

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From: an12070@anon.penet.fi (The Pervert)
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 93 19:39:18 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Sodomy, Homosexuality, and Pseudospoofing
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Gosh, everyone is such in a tither lately. I suspect it is because the
tentacles and snakes are out in full force covering up their
nonexistence! Well, I thought I would post some more of my insights
into pseudospoofing for everyone's enlightenment.

I was thinking how much Pseudospoofing is like Sodomy. I mean, there
are a lot of interesting parallels. People are repulsed by hearing
about sodomy between people they respect, even though some people think
it is acceptable in some private situations, as long as participants
they don't advertise it! There is definitely a strong evil tinge
associated with Sodomy. The name comes from the biblical sinning
capitols of Sodom and Gomorahh. (I wonder if Gonorrhea comes from
`Gomorahh'). Sodomy has always been associated with evil. It is only
after the Sexual Liberation (Sort of like the CryptoAnarchic
Revolution) that people became more tolerant of what was previously
considered a sexual perversion. (By the way, the Sexual Liberation has
been instrumental in the outgrowth of neat new physical and social
diseases, such as treatment-resistant STD strains, the broken home,
neglected/abused children, monumental statistics in teenage pregnancy,
and perhaps the increased devaluation of women and increased aggressiveness in men.)

The idea of unconsensual sodomy of course is revolting. Especially when
people are young and vulnerable,with impressionable minds. the Leaders
of any great country have a responsibility to protect the innocent from
exposures to depravities. The whole idea of the legitimacy of sodomy
arose with the idea of `private acts between consenting adults.'
Anything beyond that is still considered a perversion by reasonable people.

I have noticed an interesting overlap between radical libertarians,
cryptoanarchists, psychopunks, and people who promote sodomy. People
have sent me mail explaining how laws against sodomy prove the
government is a Corrupt Orwellian Oppression. As I understand it the
Supreme Court upheld the state's rights to legislate against sodomy.
The people in these groups believe this is an example of a worthless
law. Actually, to them the term `worthless law' is a `pleonasm', the
opposite of an oxymoron, a redundant phrase; every law is by definition
worthless; laws are nothing but a corrupt mechanism for a depraved
Majority to manipulate and oppress the Trampled and Victimized Minority.

The restriction on sodomy is their favorite example: ``Any country
where a loving man and a wife cannot perform sodomy in the privacy in
their own home is a Corrupt Orwellian Oppression.'' I've never quite
understood this implication. But the radical libertarians,
cryptoanarchists, psychopunks, and sodomists (or at least the sodomy
promoters) are quite an inscrutable, volatile, and inconsistent bunch,
to say the very least. They have all sorts of other ways of spraying
graffiti on concepts like Democracy and urinating on things like Law
Enforcement and Justice. ``Anything that prevents criminals from
embezzlements is just another outrageous Unconstitutional invasion of
their privacy. Criminals have a constitutional right to embezzle from
others!'' (Reminds me of someone who told me, `Pseudospoofing is
guaranteed by the constitution!')

People may go to great lengths to hide their sodomy from respectable
people. This brings me to the issue of homosexuality. Obviously, pretty
much any homosexual is a sodomizer. The tinge of evil in homosexuality
and `paranoid homophobia' are rooted in the belief in the existence of
sexual perversions even among consenting adults. Homosexuals have been
persecuted for centuries. They have always had to put on different
faces for different people to promote their activities, just like
pseudospoofers. In recent times there has been a more open embrace of
homosexuality. `homosexuality is liberating.' `people are born to be
homosexuals. we should do nothing to let them practice their sodomy in public.'

I have mixed feelings about all this! It seems to me that again,
homosexuality is only justified in private among consenting adults. If
you take away the `unconsenting' or the `private' you just have
perversions. (That makes me wonder -- is Cypherpunks considered a
private mailing list? I mean, on one hand there has never been any
crackdown of all the deceptions and lies that have passed through here.
On the other hand, it is advertised publicly, in e.g. the Privacy and
Anonymity FAQ, edited by L.Detweiler, posted every 21 days to a lot of
respectable newsgroups like alt.privacy and sci.crypt, with a beautiful
new Latex version rumored to be out there somewhere.)

That word `gay' reminds me of the term, `pseudonym'. Both words started
out with completely different, innocuous, entirely uplifing meanings
prior to homosexuals and pseudospoofers. `gay' once meant joyous,
ecstatic, happy. But now it is taken by some as a homosexual slur like
`fairy' or `queer'. Also, even among some gays, the term `gay' has
militant connotations. `pseudonym' on the other hand was once something
harmless that writers used to protect their privacy or play a harmless
joke or prank on a few people. But pseudospoofers have invented the
`pseudanonym', a name that is explicitly *mis*represented as that of a
real person! Unfortunately, they still don't understand the
distinction, and still call their insidious widespread interactive uses
of `nyms' for espionage, sabotage, thievery, blackmail, infiltration,
treachery, and betrayal `pseudonyms' and `pure anonymity' and
`pseudonymity' when it is really `pseudoanonymity'. I am really quite
upset at this toxic pollution of the English language, and desperately
pray that `pseudonymity' does not become associated with so many
pejorative connotations from unstable and quasi-criminal radicals,
extremists, and terrorists the way `gay' did.

The ideas of sex and identity are very closely intertwined too. When
you fall in love with someone, you are falling in love with a person
and their identity. Some people manipulate this trust. E.g., a
pseudoRomeo romances very many women with fake identities in email, and
complains about persecution when he is caught. I think the women have a
right to be angry and feel vindictive! (Reminds me of Lorena Bobbit.)
When you love someone, the whole idea of exclusivity is involved with
romance. Both men and women will feel betrayed if their partner was
`cheating' on them with someone else, or hiding evil aspects of their
personality from the other, for example drug use. Unfortunately,
deception is the name of the game with pseudospoofing. I wonder if
anyone has ever fallen in love with a tentacle! I understand this has
happened. Medusa is very wily. That would be awfully disappointing and
disillusioning and alienating to find that someone you respected was
not only a `fake' but a `nonexistent fake' played for you like a
puppeteer manipulates his puppet. This is so devastating to
psychological serenity that I'll bet that laws are passed against this,
just as there are laws about rape and infidelity in breaking a
marriage. Hopefully the Cryptoanarchists, psychopunks, radical
libertarians, and sodomists (or at least the promoters!) will not
object too much to these `invasions' of their `privacy'. Have pity on
the people who enact them, who were probably burned badly and essentially mean well.

The parallels between homosexuals and pseudospoofers are very strong.
They are torn between believing that they are not perverted, and
promoting a religion and mythology among themselves about their
persecution and righteousness, when the outside public may consider
their beliefs nothing but wicked depravity. Surely there is a balance
somewhere. I do believe that some progress has been made in attitudes
toward homosexuality with the newfound openess and honesty that many
homosexuals practice. Pseudospoofers, on the other hand, have not `come
out of the closet' yet. Despite little glimmers and glimpses here and
there, we are left only to guess how many different identities they are maintaining.

The leaders are especially resistant to openness about their practices.
They will not even hint about their partners, believing that they will
be discredited immediately for their elaborate frameworks of deceptions
among even personal friends erected to hide it. So instead their
fervent followers attempt to justify their leaders and their own
religion with vague propaganda about how homosexuality is not wrong, to
the contrary it is refreshing and liberating, growing, and increasingly
at home everywhere, no thanks to the McCarthyist Witchunt Inquisition 
Intoleration and gay-bashing of backward homophobe reactionary Luddites.

(I hope that no pseudospoofers are homosexuals are offended by my
comments. Please don't think that this prose is actually a long,
complex, painstakingly and carefully crafted masterpiece containing
thousands of subtle and overt insults and flamebaits intended to throw
cypherpunks dialogue into Liberating Anarchy. Please take my metaphors
in the most superficial and endearing of terms and the good will I
offer them in. There is nothing between the lines just as there is no
pseudospoofing on the Cypherpunks list!)
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