1993-11-17 - Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

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From: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
To: mech@eff.org
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-17 19:24:23 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 11:24:23 PST

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From: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 11:24:23 PST
To: mech@eff.org
Subject: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?
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> Part of the effort that must be made is to knock some sense into the
> rapidly merging entertainment/information/telecom conglomerates, and try
> to at very least keep a large section of the "data highway" (or whatever
> one chooses to call it) an Internet-like many-to-many communications
> medium, if not fused with Internet itself.  Convincing the govt. of this
> is will also take some doing.  One certainly can't IGNORE the govt.  No
> matter how much we may wish it'd just go away, it won't, and has to be
> dealt with.

The beauty of cypherpunk technology is that it provides means to _avoid_
the tyranny of government, rather than trying to redirect that tyranny
on behalf of one's own ends.

Government gets its power from its hundred million clients.  To join
that clientele is not consistent with wanting government power to
whither away.

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