1993-11-27 - A Clarification on My Loyalty and Allegiance

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From: an12070@anon.penet.fi (The Executioner)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-27 11:44:06 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 27 Nov 93 03:44:06 PST

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From: an12070@anon.penet.fi (The Executioner)
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 93 03:44:06 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: A Clarification on My Loyalty and Allegiance
Message-ID: <9311271140.AA04304@anon.penet.fi>
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I thought that the infamous L. Detweiler had stopped his posting, but it
appears that he is back, and more neurotic than ever.  I thought that
it was the time for me to make another post relating to him, the list
in general, and LD's obsession with pseudospoofing.

OK, first, LD is pissing me off, as, I am sure, he is doing to many others
out there in net.land.  His raves are nothing if not persistant and ever
increasingly long.  I, being the founding member of the Colorado Cypherpunks,
am not particularly prowd of him being affiliated with the group.  I don't
hate him, as some of teh others on this list apparently do, I just think he
is a very persistant pest, a fly in the ointment.  I think it is important
to remember that in every movement there are fanatics, and in the best of
intentions are those who would do harm while trying to crusade the good.
I believe that Detweiler is one such person.

He is experiencing some very serious problems with what he believes to be
a concerted effort by some devilish cabal to warp and mung his brain
through the rampant use of pseudospoofing.  OK, fine if he believes that,
I cannot keep him from thinking that some of us are emmisaries of Satan.
I can, however, wish that he would leave me the hell alone and stop posting
these long, drawn-out core dumps of his mangled psyche.  I can ask him to
stop his madness, though I know that it will only get me on his bad side,
and possibly put me in physical danger (since I live in his vicinity, lucky
me).  I think that's enough on Detweiler himself, and I hope I don't have to
talk about him anymore.

On to pseudospoofing.  I think that it exists, and that it's denial is
just plain naive.  The world is a non-friendly place, and there are
dangers out there, and people who will exploit every aspect of the system
to trick, decieve, and mangle others.  This should not come as a shock to
anyone on the list, since we are generally on (or close to) the cutting
edge of new technologies and methods to use those technologies.  I,
myself have never participated in any kind of conspiracy with intent
to confuse, nor have i ever posted under a name other than my own,
and my anon.penet.fi identity.  I have not posted as anyone that I am not,
and have no intention to do so.  I do not, however, object to the use of
these technologies, or to the act of pseudospoofing.  It cannot hope to
be prevented, since there are always people out there who will figure out
how to exploit the system to do their bidding.

Yes, it's true, I am coming out in favor of pseudospoofing.  I do not object to
it's use, on the premise that it cannot be stopped, and it rarely does hard,
aside from those (LD) whose minds are bent by the mere thought that it is

Enough of that.  Now onto the list.  I put some serious thought into
dropping from the list for the past week or so, and I have decided _not_
to leave bacause sometime there are bits of information that I get
from the list that are simply not available anywhere else.  Some of the
members of the list are, however, pissing me off.  The list has degraded
from a band of freedom fighters with things they cared about in jeopardy
to a bunch of fucking children bickering over the most pathetic of things.
I hope that the recent barrage of postings is not indicative of what is
to come.  If it is, then I may just reconsider and leave.

I think that's all I have to say for now... I just wanted to let people
know what I was thinking, and set the record straight if there are
any members who think I am still on LD's side (which I was for quite
some time).
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