1993-11-23 - Re: Pyrrhus Cracks RSA?

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From: “Jon ‘Iain’ Boone” <boone@psc.edu>
To: cfrye@ciis.mitre.org (Curtis D. Frye)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-23 17:02:55 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 23 Nov 93 09:02:55 PST

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From: "Jon 'Iain' Boone" <boone@psc.edu>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 93 09:02:55 PST
To: cfrye@ciis.mitre.org (Curtis D. Frye)
Subject: Re: Pyrrhus Cracks RSA?
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cfrye@ciis.mitre.org (Curtis D. Frye)  writes:
> >But the NSA?  No way, Jose.  They might be nerds who hacked some 
> >code at 3 am.  But you put them on a salary and benefits in a 
> >pyramid, then tell them not to talk about their work, and you 
> >thwart whatever creativity they had.  The NSA can kill you.  But 
> >t({they can never out-think you. 
> Strong words that, IMHO, put way too much faith in the argument that a
> "restrictive" work environment inevitably crushes individualism and
> creativity.  Any organization, .gov or !.gov, that:  
>   *  recruits the best and the brightest and pays them well; 

   Do you know how much NSA employees get paid?  I'm wondering, because it
   is certainly _not_ the case in the CIA.  The "analysts" may make somewhere
   between the $30K - $45K range, but that's hardly "good pay" for people
   who are experts on that kind of analysis, especially when they have Ph.D.s.

>   *  gives access to substantial computing/financial resources and academic  
>      knowledge; 
>   *  fosters team-building, creativity, and competition *within the group*; 
>   *  rewards achievement and provides status *within the group*; and 
>   *  provides other movitivation, be it patriotism/pride/whatever, 
> will produce more than its fair share of advances in a field.  Given a
> concentrated environment and an advanced set of tools, it seems improbable
> that any group, regardless of organizational affiliation, could be
> outperformed *on an evolutionary basis* by a loose band of academicians and
> private researchers with irregular contact.  
> Curtis D. Frye
> cfrye@ciis.mitre.org
> "If you think I speak for MITRE, I'll tell you how much they
>  pay me and make you feel foolish."

  Please tell me how much MITRE pays you.  Is your above description a 
  description of MITRE?  

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