1993-11-03 - Re: TRW PhonePrint (fwd)

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From: koontzd@lrcs.loral.com (David Koontz )
To: remail@tamsun.tamu.edu
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-03 15:52:25 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 3 Nov 93 07:52:25 PST

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From: koontzd@lrcs.loral.com (David Koontz )
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 93 07:52:25 PST
To: remail@tamsun.tamu.edu
Subject: Re:  TRW PhonePrint (fwd)
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>Each cellular telephone emits unique signal transmission characteristics - an
>electronic version of a human fingerprint - which cannot be duplicated.  These
>characteristics are matched with the mobile identification number (MIN) and the
>electronic serial number (ENS) of the phone to develop a unique pattern for
>each legitimate customer

I would take it that this would have to operate at the cell level?