1993-12-04 - Re: Escobar and Cellular Ph0n3z

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From: frode@toaster.SFSU.EDU (Frode Odegard)
To: lex@mindvox.phantom.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-12-04 20:14:31 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 4 Dec 93 12:14:31 PST

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From: frode@toaster.SFSU.EDU (Frode Odegard)
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 93 12:14:31 PST
To: lex@mindvox.phantom.com
Subject: Re: Escobar and Cellular Ph0n3z
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I don't think encryption will go unnoticed for very long, one doesn't have
to have a very high IQ to understand that secrecy is important, and that
encruption is a technology which will help keep things secret.  In Escobar's
case, the thing to do would perhaps have been to hide an encrypted data
stream in a normal-sounding conversation?  This would be harder to detect
for the authorities.  The data would probably be text which would require
much less bandwith than voice.

Notice how our Prez referred to the killing of these two men as heroic
and brave?  It was two against THOUSANDS, I'm sure they shot him to pieces. :-)
(No, I don't think drug use is anything but destructive but it's easy to
see that TPTB speak with two (more more) tounges.)

				- Frode