1997-06-21 - Re: Senate panel nixes ProCODE II, approves McCain-Kerrey bill

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From: bennett_t1@popmail.firn.edu
To: David Downey <digital_matrix@hotmail.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-21 08:05:10 UTC
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From: bennett_t1@popmail.firn.edu
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 16:05:10 +0800
To: David Downey <digital_matrix@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Senate panel nixes ProCODE II, approves McCain-Kerrey bill
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> Maybe I'm just paranoid, but doesn't this mean that it is now illegal
> to
> use anything over 56 bits in the US, and doesn't this give the US
> Government the unofficial green light to start cracking down on those
> of
> us that use encryption? All they gotta say is that they suspected that
> we were dealing in child pornography, based on the fact that they
> monitored encrypted messages leaving from our addresses? It's not that
> far of a leap in possibilities after everything else they've done.
> This
> is starting to get scary ladies and gentleman. I use 2048 bit
> encryption, does that make me a porn lover because I use that heavy of
> encryption,and encryption period?  I feel some very bad days coming
> down
> the pike. I just hope that we can do something to stem the tide.

I am getting sick of the crap in congress.  May's right, whenever they
want to get what they want, they just blurt out that their opposition
may support kiddie porn.  The only somewhat good measure coming up is
SAFE, but that will most likely be struck down by lawmakers.  After all,
it helps encryption, and that might aid kiddie porn!  Seriously, if the
citizens ever have a civil war, and we win, then Clinton, the senators
opposed to Pro-CODE, and other anti-crypto types should be on trial for
abuse of power, violation of citizens' rights, and high crimes against
the constitution.  I hope it would be public :-)

The government in theory works for US.  So the question is "What the
HELL happened to that?!"