1997-06-05 - Re: McVeigh? Nimrods…..

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From: Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com>
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From: Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 16:17:44 +0800
To: "cypherpunks@toad.com>
Subject: Re: McVeigh? Nimrods.....
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On Thu, Jun 05, 1997 at 12:14:20AM -0400, frissell@panix.com wrote:
>>Yes, some pathetic strange little boys swaggering around in never-never 
>>land.  Lonely individuals with shriveled hearts, stunted morals, and 
>>feverish imaginations, who brag contemptuously of their superiority
>>over "sheeple", and boast of their heroic roles in the coming 
>I hope you're not referring to Lucky, or Time May, or me.  Lucky has a 
>successful career in a computer-related field.  Tim was exceedingly well-
>integrated into the work force at Intel and did a great deal of valuable and 
>lucrative work for them.  I am married with four children (who I never sent to 
>a government school) and get along well with a host of friends and co-workers. 
> I have achieved a modicum of success as a writer and speaker.  I happen to be 
>a neo-victorian myself.

Clinton has a *very* successful career as a politician, and has done 
a great deal for Intel, in that role.  And he is a great family man 
who also gets along well with a host of people.

I was characterizing the people Lucky described:  

  Some on this list will even say that the kids' deaths fortunately
  reduced the negative impact their parents can have on the gene pool. 

If you, Lucky, or Tim hold such sentiments in your heart, then I am
referring to you.  Lucky's statement that people putting their 
children in daycare in a federal building are "criminally stupid" is 
simply contemptible.

>Why is it that when someone like Al Gore expresses strong and extremist views 
>as he did in "Earth in the Lurch" (or whatever that book was called) no one 
>ever claims that he is " a pathetic strange little boy swaggering around in 
>never-never land.  A lonely individual with a shriveled heart, stunted morals, 
>and a feverish imagination."

Of course, Gore has been called far worse things, many times over. 
Probably on this very list.  You know that, I know that.

>How do you know our hearts are shriveled?  Can it be because we can do the 
>math and figure out the Feds are *much* bigger killers than McVeigh?

No Duncan.  It's because your first thought is to do that math.  It is
one thing to be aware of the many, many failings of human beings and
their governments.  It is another thing to savor rightous anger,
keeping score, and thinking of suitable revenge.  Besides, who the
heck are "the Feds"? What set of human beings are you thinking about?

>don't you bleed for *their* victims.

I do.  Though I wouldn't use that metaphor.

>Remember, government's crimes are worse 
>than private crimes (even apart from the higher body count) because a serious 
>breach of duty and trust is involved. 

Keeping score again, eh?  Government -5 billion, Duncan 10.

>Look, people are bound to disagree over social policy and even right and 
>wrong.  But since everyone is much more powerful than they used to be,
>a force-
>based monopoly on policy and morality ("others" government) just can't be 
>sustained anymore.

Why on earth would you think that?

>Your side just simply doesn't have the artillery. 

"My" side? You probably mean the "government".  If so, you are
deluded.  If not, you are right -- I personally have only a small
armory -- a few automatic weapons, two tactical nukes, some
conventional explosives, and a big pocket knife -- just your average
homeowner arsenal. 

>would be better for everyone if you would recognize reality, step back, and 
>allow self-government to replace others-government.

I'm not standing in anyone's way, and it wouldn't make any difference
at all if I did, because I am an insignificant zero who comforts
himself with the thought that being a clown is an honorable
profession.  That's reality.  You should take a hit, sometime -- it's
heavy stuff.  But you know who really needs a heavy dose -- it's that 
Bob Hettinga fellow -- his head is shaped strangely like a big brick, 
and he gets it wedged in the strangest places.

> It will happen anyway.

Yep.  And the second coming is just around the corner,  now that 
the comet has arrived with the mother ship.

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