1997-06-05 - Anarchy, Peter Pan, and Insults

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From: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>
To: cypherpunks@Algebra.COM
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-05 05:07:23 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 13:07:23 +0800

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From: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 13:07:23 +0800
To: cypherpunks@Algebra.COM
Subject: Anarchy, Peter Pan, and Insults
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At 9:14 PM -0700 6/4/97, frissell@panix.com wrote:
>>Yes, some pathetic strange little boys swaggering around in never-never
>>land.  Lonely individuals with shriveled hearts, stunted morals, and
>>feverish imaginations, who brag contemptuously of their superiority
>>over "sheeple", and boast of their heroic roles in the coming
>I hope you're not referring to Lucky, or Time May, or me.  Lucky has a
>successful career in a computer-related field.  Tim was exceedingly well-
>integrated into the work force at Intel and did a great deal of valuable and
>lucrative work for them.  I am married with four children (who I never
>sent to
>a government school) and get along well with a host of friends and
> I have achieved a modicum of success as a writer and speaker.  I happen
>to be
>a neo-victorian myself.
>Why is it that when someone like Al Gore expresses strong and extremist views
>as he did in "Earth in the Lurch" (or whatever that book was called) no one
>ever claims that he is " a pathetic strange little boy swaggering around in
>never-never land.  A lonely individual with a shriveled heart, stunted
>and a feverish imagination."

Like I said, Duncan, Kent Crispin is in that terminal phase of simply
insulting the list in any way he can...which is apparently pretty feebly.
Perhaps he can contract with Vulis to use the 'bot Vulis uses to post his
daily ASCII art insults.

Imagine it: Everyday we could see a Crispingram: "Timmy Peter Pan May is
just another strange little boy swaggering around in never-never land."

By the way, this is why I urge some caution in criticizing Phill
Hallam-Baker. Phill is a liberal and anti-gun person, and perhaps even a
Clinton supporter. (Gasp.) But he, while as abrasive on his issues as we
are on ours, seldom resorts to the kind of puerile criticism Crispin uses.

Hell, some of my best conversational friends are commies! (Dave Mandl, for

(Those who have a deeper understanding of anarchy, whether
anarcho-capitalism or more leftist variants, tend to understand that the
underlying similarities are greater than the differences. Though I favor
unrestricted free markets, I understand that corporate agents, like
Microsoft, PGP, and RSA, will seek advantage anyway they can, and are a
threat in any statist system. Anarchy lessens their power in more ways than
one. I will continue to fight my left-anarchist friends on issues like gun
control and freedom of association, but we seem to agree that reducing
power of central governments remains a good thing.)


There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
Only one response to the key grabbers is warranted: "Death to Tyrants!"
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