1997-07-19 - Re: hand-held computers Re: Electronic commerce has long way to go

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From: Steve Schear <azur@netcom.com>
To: Bill Stewart <stewarts@ix.netcom.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-07-19 22:27:25 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 06:27:25 +0800

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From: Steve Schear <azur@netcom.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 06:27:25 +0800
To: Bill Stewart <stewarts@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: hand-held computers Re: Electronic commerce has long way    to go
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>At 11:54 AM 7/15/97 -0700, Steve Schear wrote:
>>For those outside of Metricom's coverage areas, NovaTel Wireless
>>http://www.novatelwireless.com is introducing a CDPD modem specifically
>>designed for the Pilot.  Their Minstrel modem offers TCP/IP data rates up
>>to 19.2 kbps over analog cellular.  Coverage in most US metropolitan areas
>On the other hand, CDPD is relatively expensive; Metricom charges flat rate,
>while CDPD is generally some pennies per KB, which may be more or less
>expensive than circuit-switched modem connections over cellular voice
>depending on your usage patterns.  But it's widely available.

Clearly CDPD is too expensive for Web surfing and large amounts of email
traffic.  As an electronic purse for ecash commerce (esp. funds transfer)
it just might be practical


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