1998-12-25 - land of the free

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From: Anonymous <nobody@replay.com>
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
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UTC Datetime: 1998-12-25 04:03:09 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 12:03:09 +0800

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From: Anonymous <nobody@replay.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 12:03:09 +0800
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
Subject: land of the free
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At 08:24 PM 12/24/98 +0100, Anonymous wrote:
>Well if you are going to go to the trouble and expense, then you
>should also put something in there to educate the masses about
>how to use crypto to protect themselves, and why this is a good

Trouble and expense of what?  If you refer to the FIJA spamming,
then you will simply confuse the sheeple with too many issues.