1992-11-16 - Re: Why remailers…

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From: Eric Hollander <hh@soda.berkeley.edu>
To: Hal <74076.1041@compuserve.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1992-11-16 23:33:38 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 15:33:38 PST

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From: Eric Hollander <hh@soda.berkeley.edu>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 15:33:38 PST
To: Hal <74076.1041@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: Why remailers...
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Remailers are extremely important, but we also need anonymous IP bouncers.

An IP bouncer might work like this:  there would be a user, a server, and a
target.  The server and user would each have key pairs (probably a new pair
for each session), and would trade public keys.  The user would request a
port from the server, and then would issue (encrypted) commands to the

These commands might include:

telnet - open a connection to the target.  The target would route its
packets to the server, and the server would encrypt them and route them to
the user.

ignore - get ready to recieve lots of random bits and perhaps pass them on to
other servers.  This is needed to help a user confuse trafic analysis.  A
side note:  it would be useful to have a standard port on all machines that
would accept the encrypted ignore command, so that packets could just be
sent off into the ether.  Users who use bouncers would want to have their
machines open up connections, issue the ignore command, and send random bits
at some random interval.

mail - act as an anonymous remailer (like the ones we already have set up).

port - provide a port that other people can telnet in to.

This type of anonymous bouncer would be helpful for everything we do with
TCP, including perhaps mail.