1993-02-02 - Re: Remailer abuse?

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.FI>
To: Brad Huntting <huntting@glarp.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-02-02 07:19:13 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 1 Feb 93 23:19:13 PST

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.FI>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 93 23:19:13 PST
To: Brad Huntting <huntting@glarp.com>
Subject: Re: Remailer abuse?
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> > You could also use another standard 822 field, Sender, as follows:
> > 	Sender: anonymous remailing service <remailer@host>
> Unfortunatly, some broken mail user agents reply to "Sender" instead
> of "From" or "Reply-To" (which also violates the standard).

Right. I am using this method on anon.penet.fi, and get *lots* of
incorrectly addressed stuff sent to the administrator because of this.
The worst culprits seem to be the BITNET LISTSERV (oh no, not again!),
VMS Mail-32 or DECMail or whatever, and elm/pine...

There was actually a case of a interaction of VMS mail and CC:mail that
caused the final recipient to *only* get the "Sender:" field, not the
"From:" field...