1993-05-27 - Re: VinCrypt

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From: “Ian S. Nelson” <ian@bvsd.Co.EDU>
To: clark@metal.psu.edu (Clark Reynard)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-05-27 19:53:57 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 27 May 93 12:53:57 PDT

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From: "Ian S. Nelson" <ian@bvsd.Co.EDU>
Date: Thu, 27 May 93 12:53:57 PDT
To: clark@metal.psu.edu (Clark Reynard)
Subject: Re: VinCrypt
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> Even as a former 'hacker' myself, the second to last person I would
> trust not to install a backdoor (next to the NSA) is a hacker.
> In addition, merely having been a systems hacker hardly qualifies
> one for writing complex crypto software.  Without any assurance as
> to the authors' qualifications for writing a crypto package, or
> their integrity.  Even if I could trust their integrity, I'm very
> leery of black-box software.

I think the line about "not trusting DES or RSA because those algorithms have
been given to the NSA"  about says it all.

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