1993-05-13 - Re: Publications

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From: Round Waffle <eggo@student.umass.edu>
To: x62727g2@usma8.USMA.EDU (Gatlin Anthony CDT)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-05-13 20:08:04 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 13 May 93 13:08:04 PDT

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From: Round Waffle <eggo@student.umass.edu>
Date: Thu, 13 May 93 13:08:04 PDT
To: x62727g2@usma8.USMA.EDU (Gatlin Anthony CDT)
Subject: Re: Publications
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Possessed by The Unholy, Gatlin Anthony CDT scrawled the following in blood:
> Greetings fellow crypto warriors,
>      I am attempting to locate several publications to see if they are still
> in existence and where I might them or archives of previous issues. The
> publications I am interested in are TAP, NIA, AOTD, NARC, etc. If anyone
> knows where I might be able to obtain these or similar publications, please
> let me know. Also, does anyone know where any "interesting" ftp sites which
> carry files or other data related to these type publications?
     To my knowledge, none of those publications are still being put out.
However, all of them (with the exception of TAP, which was a paper 'zine --
although they did put out one online issue) are archived at ftp.eff.org, in
the /pub/cud directory.

> Thanks,
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> Cadet Private, Co. G-2             |PGP Public Key available on request. |
> United States Military Academy     |-------------------------------------|

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