1993-07-08 - Re: What do you make of this?

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From: Nickey MacDonald <i6t4@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca>
To: Mike Sherwood <mike@EGFABT.ORG>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-07-08 05:12:09 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 7 Jul 93 22:12:09 PDT

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From: Nickey MacDonald <i6t4@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 93 22:12:09 PDT
To: Mike Sherwood <mike@EGFABT.ORG>
Subject: Re: What do you make of this?
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On Wed, 7 Jul 1993, Mike Sherwood wrote:

> I dont know about all of them, but the second one is near me and I 
> confirmed that there is no 244 prefix in the 510 area code, so either 
> ther is an error in that data, or should I venture so far as to say that 
> he's trying to make a point about hiding information in a seemingly 
> harmless format.

I hope no one actually trys to call any of those numbers...  I couldn't
think of a way to list them without giving away the truth...

You are correct, I was trying to make a point of hiding information in a
seemingly harmless format (although the longer the message, the less
harmless the format looks)...

> I don't have the desire to actually try to find out 
> what it is, but it wouldnt take much more research to find out if the 
> list is primarily made of nonexistent numbers.

Well... I'll increase your chances to figure it out, should you get the
desire...  The hidden text was Un*x compressed...

> However, the only reason I
> even looked that far is because of the nature of this group and the fact that
> it was brought up as such, rather than "Local U.S. Department of Agriculture
> offices" or some other title that would cause people to want to be as far
> away from it as possible.

I had hoped that someone would assume there was a message...  I'm still
hoping someone will find it...  I'll release the source either way...  :-)

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