1993-07-28 - Re: More stuff…

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From: murphy@s1.elec.uq.oz.au (Peter Murphy)
To: owner-cypherpunks@toad.com (Patrick E. Hykkonen)
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From: murphy@s1.elec.uq.oz.au (Peter Murphy)
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 93 19:26:28 PDT
To: owner-cypherpunks@toad.com (Patrick E. Hykkonen)
Subject: Re: More stuff...
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> Ok, How about maybe one of these.  Obscure, but kinda fun.
>  - 1984 + 10
>  - Orwell missed by 10.
>  - Big Brother has arrived!
>  - So what's 10 years between Orwell and a few friends?
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> "I'm not being irrational, I just know to much."  - Tim Allen
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It's interesting that you've listed these slogans. Someone (I think it was
Hunter S. Thompson) once pointed out that 1984 was a typing error, and that the
original title was "1994". Orwell was behind schedule when he wrote "1984", and
only realized his mistake around the time he submitted the manuscript. He tried
to get it changed, but (because of his timing) failed. Interestingly enough, if
I am correct in assuming H.S.T. was the origin of that bit of imformation, then
I think (again, unsurely) that it originated from his articles about his arrest
by some Colorado D.A.s on drug charges. Fortunately, because of the incompetence
of the police and D.A.s involved (especially in illegal searching), it was thrown
out of course. But that's another thread entirely...;->

	Anyway back to the T-shirt ideas. One ideas came to me:

1994: 1984 was a typo.

Below this captions would show George Orwell typing away at his typewriter, while
behind him, some shadowy figures (representing Government Agencies or the 
Dictator of your choice) would hover threatening around his shoulders, or lurk
in the background....

Now if the Cryptography T-Shirt idea gets realized, I wouldn't mind getting hold 
of one. One problem I have: how do I get hold of it? Does anyone know what the
costs (and timing) of mailing small objects from the U.S. to Australia? Or would
it be a better idea to email the GIF/bitmap/etc., of the design over here, and
I'll send some cash in return? Eagerly awaiting .....



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