1993-08-18 - Re: mailing list <-> newsgroup ?

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From: strick – henry strickland <strick@versant.com>
To: Timothy Newsham <newsham@wiliki.eng.hawaii.edu>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-08-18 19:35:45 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 12:35:45 PDT

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From: strick -- henry strickland <strick@versant.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 12:35:45 PDT
To: Timothy Newsham <newsham@wiliki.eng.hawaii.edu>
Subject: Re: mailing list <-> newsgroup ?
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THUS SPAKE Timothy Newsham <newsham@wiliki.eng.hawaii.edu>:
# The audience would probably be bigger as as well.

and quality would degrade.    News and mail may look the
same, but the social effects are quite different.

# Any counter arguments?

Yeah.  Gene Spafford often says that newsgroups are no way to get
things done.  However I think that mailing lists can be rather

I think you're saying that your problem is that your newsreader is a
lot better than your mailreader.  Perhaps you can fix the problem...