1993-08-19 - Re: Anon: remailer list

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.FI>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-08-19 06:40:45 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 23:40:45 PDT

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.FI>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 23:40:45 PDT
Subject: Re: Anon: remailer list
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As usual:

repl: bad addresses:
	"M. Stirner" <M..Stirner@f28.n125.z1.fidonet.org> -- no mailbox in local-part (.)

> .   Penet.fi will no longer work for me since the forced-password
> implementation due to an apparent header conflict with the
> X-Anon-Password: line & local host/gate software.

No, no, no! Sigh! Once again: You *don't* have to put the X-Anon-Password
line in among the headers, it's OK as the first non-empty line *in the message

> .   Why am I depressed?

Because you use a screwed-up mail system/gateway? Because you give up too

> ... Organization: Concerned Norwegians Against Lutefisk, S.F., CA

Oh? *This* might be the real reason for your depression. I sympatize. Lutefisk
gets me, too!