1993-09-27 - Re: saturation tactics?

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From: Michael Johnson <mpjohnso@nyx.cs.du.edu>
To: “George A. Gleason” <gg@well.sf.ca.us>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-09-27 14:36:14 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 27 Sep 93 07:36:14 PDT

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From: Michael Johnson <mpjohnso@nyx.cs.du.edu>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 93 07:36:14 PDT
To: "George A. Gleason" <gg@well.sf.ca.us>
Subject: Re: saturation tactics?
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On Sun, 26 Sep 1993, George A. Gleason wrote:

> In a discussion on the Well, some folks were speculating about the idea of
> lots and lots of people & companies applying for those arms export licenses,
> on the basis that they *might* sell crypto to a foreigner, or *might* go on
> an overseas business trip with their laptop with a crypto program on it,
> etc.  This is a great case of an old protest tactic which we used to call
> "saturation," which involves lots and lots of people scrupulously obeying an
> unfair or controversial law to the point where it starts to swamp the
> system.  
> Seeme like it might be worth looking into.  Any comments...?
Sounds expensive at $1,000 per five years per license.  Got any cheaper
ideas, like writing to your Congress person and the President?