1993-09-10 - “Code Warriors” Article in “Metro” Newspaper

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From: tcmay@netcom.com (Timothy C. May)
To: extropians@extropy.org
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UTC Datetime: 1993-09-10 01:02:29 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 18:02:29 PDT

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From: tcmay@netcom.com (Timothy C. May)
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 18:02:29 PDT
To: extropians@extropy.org
Subject: "Code Warriors" Article in "Metro" Newspaper
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Bay Area Cypherpunks and Extropians,

Julian Dibbell's excellent article that appeared in the "Village
Voice" (August 3rd, cover story) is the *cover story* as well in the
latest "Metro" newspaper, the free San Jose area paper (but we get it
down here in Santa Cruz as well).

I have picked up a handful of these free papers, which I'll take to
the Cypherpunks meeting this Saturday. But you all ought to do the

And those not in the Bay Area may want to be on the lookout for
versions of this appearing in your own community newspapers. If it was
sold to "Metro," it'll probably be in other major markets as well.

Plastered across the cover is this:

"CODE WARRIORS   New encryption software cripples the government's
power to monitor our activities, eavesdrop on our conversations or
read our e-mail. Soon the state may be unable to regulate business,
collect taxes, spy on foreign enemies, or police criminal activity. It
will be the end of government as we know it."

And in the table of contents is this description of the article:

"COVER STORY   How will the Feds be able to control us when they won't
know what the hell's going on? Simple encryption software now gives
ordinary citizens the ability to keep their secrets secret--and
conduct underground transactions safe from the prying eyes of
government spooks and IRS agents."

And the "Metro" version also differs from the "VV" version by having
such paragraphs like this in 24-point type:

"Untraceable digital cash transactions and a brisk commerce in trade
secrets could spell doom for the corporation as we know it. Hopelessly
untaxable, such crypto-markets could also sap the strength of

Wow! And "Gulp." I may have to get my European Community passport
sooner than I had planned. Does Martinique have a Net connection?

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