1993-10-28 - CypherPunk Paintball

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From: Arthur Chandler <arthurc@crl.com>
To: erc@apple.com
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Reply To: <m0osfNd-000HWUC@khijol>
UTC Datetime: 1993-10-28 23:02:42 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 16:02:42 PDT

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From: Arthur Chandler <arthurc@crl.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 16:02:42 PDT
To: erc@apple.com
Subject: CypherPunk Paintball
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  Ed's appreciative note on andy's gatling-gun invective inspires me to 
suggest, as a solution to the flames and counterflames:
  Why not just designate an area of cypherpunks -- designation by Subject 
Header -- the Verbal Paintball Area. If you want to attack someone for 
being a paranoid, a sumbitch, a brainfried Nazi, a... well, you get the 
idea -- then you post the the Cypherpunk Paintball Area. Extra points 
awarded if you can spoof or encrypt your insults so that no one can 
figure out who said what to whom.