1993-10-05 - PGP mailer integration mailing list announcement

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From: “L. Detweiler” <ld231782@longs.lance.colostate.edu>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-05 02:04:47 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 19:04:47 PDT

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From: "L. Detweiler" <ld231782@longs.lance.colostate.edu>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 19:04:47 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: PGP mailer integration mailing list announcement
Message-ID: <9310050203.AA05340@longs.lance.colostate.edu>
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Subject: PGP Mail Integration Project
From: simons@peti.GUN.de (Peter Simons)
Date: Son Oct 03, 1993 17:12:04


Anybody interested in the integration of PGP in the "normal" e-mail
enviroment (seems to be a lot of people here :->), should subscribe to
out PGPMIP mailing list and contribute their ideas there.

- - ------8<-------------------------------------------------------------------

               Pretty Good Privacy -- Mail Integration Project

             An Introduction by Peter Simons <simons@peti.GUN.de>

 Edition 1                                                 Bonn, 14-Sep-93

What is it?
- - -----------

        Pretty Good(tm) Privacy (PGP), from Phil's Pretty Good Software, is
a high security cryptographic software application for MSDOS, Unix,
AmigaOS, and other computers.  PGP allows people to exchange files or
messages with privacy and authentication.  Privacy means that only those
intended to receive a message can read it.  Authentication means that
messages that appear to be from a particular person can only have
originated from that person.  Additionally, no secure channels are needed
to exchange keys between users!  This is because PGP is based on a powerful
new technology called "public key" cryptography.

        All in all, PGP is a very useful and important program.  However it
is a little bit...uh...  overkill for the average Joe Dow to install this
rather complex package, just to encrypt his few e-mail, which are not so
private anyway.  PGP comes with dozens of options, switches and
configuration possibilities, far too many to 'just install and run'.

        This has prevented many potential users from using PGP for their
private mail.  Also it is significantly more complicated to encrypt every
single outgoing mail and, of course, to decrypt each incoming mail

        This is what the PGP Mail Integration Project wants to improve.  In
our opinion man-kind should stay superior and leave the 'dirty-work' to the
machines.  :-))

        Our idea was to integrate PGP, as far as possible, into common UUCP
packages so the user needn't be concerned with how PGP itself works.
Outgoing or incoming mail should be en-/decrypted automatically and the
software should do all the basics of controlling PGP.

The mailing list:
- - -----------------

        What looked like a quite trivial task, that could be managed by a
few simple scripts, grew into a full project.  Too many cases have to be
covered, too many setups have to be recognized, etc, etc...

        We realized that we'd need quite a number of beta testers and of
course a supporting cast of users, contributing ideas and requests, to make
PGPMIP fit their needs.

        If you want to participate in the development of this project or
just want to get further information about the project, feel free to
contact either myself or any other member of the development team.
Additionally, there's a mailing list available which provides the latest
information and allows for an on going discussion about the future of the

Send a message like this TO the list itself to be re-sent to all concerned;

   To: pgpmip@edex.edu.au
   Subject: Whatever...

   Hi pgpmip people, ...

A message to the below can be used to sign on and off a list;

   To: pgpmip-request@edex.edu.au
   Subject: Whatever...

   join FirstName LastName pgpmip


   leave FirstName LastName pgpmip

Note: ADD/SUB/JOIN = join
      UNSUB/LEAVE  = leave

Any errors will be, and any problems should be, reported to;

   To: pgpmip-owner@edex.edu.au

        Our project concentrates on the Amiga platform, but programmers and
users of other operating systems are welcome to contribute, maybe we can
expand the project to UNIX, MS-DOS and other platforms.

You can find the current version of PGP on aminet in util/crypt/.

- - ------8<-------------------------------------------------------------------

        bye, Peter

  Peter Simons  | Usenet: simons@peti.GUN.de       | PGP  v2.x  public  key
  Europaring 20 | CBMNet: simons@peti.adsp.sub.org | available  on  request
  53123 Bonn    |  Phone: +49 228 746061           | or via GET from almost
  Germany       |    CBM: ETG207                   | any keyserver. Use it!

Version: 2.3a


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