1993-10-28 - Tim May, Detweiler and Me.

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From: Andy Wilson <ajw@Think.COM>
To: nobody@rosebud.ee.uh.edu
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-28 21:43:09 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 14:43:09 PDT

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From: Andy Wilson <ajw@Think.COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 14:43:09 PDT
To: nobody@rosebud.ee.uh.edu
Subject: Tim May, Detweiler and Me.
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   Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 13:34:35 -0500
   From: nobody@rosebud.ee.uh.edu

   > Granted, Mr. Detweiler has been a royal twit.  But then, so have many
   > others on the list in reply to him.  Shame on the lot of you.

   Oh, fuck off.  Take your preaching and moralizing to the net.
   In fact, all of y'all interested in reforming our black hearts:
   get fucking lost.  I want to hear Hal Finney's description of
   DC-nets, and you are just plain in the way.        Nowhere, Man

Yo Nowhere Boy,

Come out from behind that there anonymous re-mailer,  you no-account, 
penny-ante, douche-swillin', hound-dog-be-hind-sniffin', cake-bakin', 
cant-chantin', underwear-chewin', varmint-humpin', slack-jawed,
cripple-beatin', velveeta-meltin', glue-sniffin', shit-eatin',
beady-eyed, rubber-armed, dried-drool-encrusted, paper-bag-foldin',
mind-numbin', politician-listenin', professional-help-needin',
lawyer-trustin', TV-watchin', toilet-bowl-kissin', propaganda-believin', 
both over- and under-edumacated, bocce-playin', reality-distortin', 
space-warpin', card-countin', sassafrass-sippin', channel-surfin',
ill-behaved, fume-breathin', waste-spewin', paste-tastin', goofy-lookin',
turkey-bastin', KMART-wit-implanted, coupon-clippin', rhino-horn-ridin',
Bart-Simpson-veneratin', tired-old-idea-recyclin', seaweed-smellin',
floppy-eared, donut-chompin', kudzu-entwined, se-mantically-challenged,
not-at-all-anywheres-near-tolerable purple-assed wimp!

If you're going to flame somebody, at least stand up for your 
own words with your own name,  or a reputable pseudonym.  Or
better yet use PRIVATE EMAIL FER YER FLAME PICNICS!  Y'stoops!


Andy, being a nanosmidgin hypocritical today on accounta life bein' grand!