1993-10-27 - Re: Net Requlation

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From: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
To: CYPHERPUNKS@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-27 20:32:57 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 13:32:57 PDT

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From: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 13:32:57 PDT
To: CYPHERPUNKS@toad.com
Subject: Re: Net Requlation
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K >1. If you don't have US citizenship, how do you get a passport? (Buy
K >it on sale from the Czech republic or what?)

Actually, the Dominican Republic is better.  You don't really need to 
change citizenship unless you are from a country that restricts foreign 
travel by citizens.  Picking up a *second* passport is always a good idea, 
however, and the US has recently changed its regs to permit its nationals 
to seek naturalisation in other countries without renouncing US 

K >2.  Where do you live?  I mean I love to travel but after 3 or 4 
K >weeks of it I'm ready to settle down and hibernate for a long while. 
K >[Especially now with a wife and 2 sons, I'd last about 2 days traveling
K > :-)] Somewhere

As someone pointed out, you need not travel much just be in a country 
where you are not a citizen.

K >3.  Are the TELECOM connections there yet?

Slowly but surely.  Switzerland is good these days.  Expense is the main 
problem.  If the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy wins the battle of network 
non-design (as it seems sure to do) everyone in the OECD will soon have 
cheap telcoms.

K >4.  Customer interaction.  This is a problem, if you work on computer
K >systems that are unique or program custom software for these systems,
K >customer interaction is very important

If you have the customer in the first place, you can make visits without 
too much problem.  Marketing is more difficult.  Slow-scan video for 
everyone over the nets is close.

Things to keep in mind...

I don't expect that very many people will use cryptography, anonymous 
remailers, DC nets, etc to become PTs or virtual expatriates but these 
tools will have a marginal (meaning "edge" not "small") effect on the 
process of institutional transformation.  The nets themselves are the 
critical device for weakening national controls.  They will sweep aside 
labor regulations, financial regulations and a host of restraints that 
keep people poorer than they need be.

Oops!  Sorry about that.  Too much time spent on alt.politics.economics... 

Duncan Frissell

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