1993-10-28 - Re: Tim May, Detweiler and Me.

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From: khijol!erc (Ed Carp)
To: ajw@Think.COM (Andy Wilson)
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Reply To: <9310282142.AA07808@custard.think.com>
UTC Datetime: 1993-10-28 22:08:10 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 15:08:10 PDT

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From: khijol!erc (Ed Carp)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 15:08:10 PDT
To: ajw@Think.COM (Andy Wilson)
Subject: Re: Tim May, Detweiler and Me.
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>    Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 13:34:35 -0500
>    From: nobody@rosebud.ee.uh.edu
>    > Granted, Mr. Detweiler has been a royal twit.  But then, so have many
>    > others on the list in reply to him.  Shame on the lot of you.
>    Oh, fuck off.  Take your preaching and moralizing to the net.
>    In fact, all of y'all interested in reforming our black hearts:
>    get fucking lost.  I want to hear Hal Finney's description of
>    DC-nets, and you are just plain in the way.        Nowhere, Man
> Yo Nowhere Boy,
> Come out from behind that there anonymous re-mailer,  you no-account, 
> penny-ante, douche-swillin', hound-dog-be-hind-sniffin', cake-bakin', 
> cant-chantin', underwear-chewin', varmint-humpin', slack-jawed,
> cripple-beatin', velveeta-meltin', glue-sniffin', shit-eatin',
> beady-eyed, rubber-armed, dried-drool-encrusted, paper-bag-foldin',
> mind-numbin', politician-listenin', professional-help-needin',
> lawyer-trustin', TV-watchin', toilet-bowl-kissin', propaganda-believin', 
> both over- and under-edumacated, bocce-playin', reality-distortin', 
> space-warpin', card-countin', sassafrass-sippin', channel-surfin',
> ill-behaved, fume-breathin', waste-spewin', paste-tastin', goofy-lookin',
> turkey-bastin', KMART-wit-implanted, coupon-clippin', rhino-horn-ridin',
> Bart-Simpson-veneratin', tired-old-idea-recyclin', seaweed-smellin',
> floppy-eared, donut-chompin', kudzu-entwined, se-mantically-challenged,
> not-at-all-anywheres-near-tolerable purple-assed wimp!
> If you're going to flame somebody, at least stand up for your 
> own words with your own name,  or a reputable pseudonym.  Or
> better yet use PRIVATE EMAIL FER YER FLAME PICNICS!  Y'stoops!
> Dammit.
> Andy, being a nanosmidgin hypocritical today on accounta life bein' grand!

I've kept clear of this latest vitrolic drivel-throwing contest, but I have to
say that Andy get the prize for the most inventive.  Very creative! :)

Made me smile... :)
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