1993-10-04 - Re: secure phone quest

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From: khijol!erc (Ed Carp)
To: marc@GZA.COM (Marc Horowitz)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-04 20:39:07 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 13:39:07 PDT

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From: khijol!erc (Ed Carp)
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 13:39:07 PDT
To: marc@GZA.COM (Marc Horowitz)
Subject: Re: secure phone quest
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> >> Also How about a half duplex secure voice link for the internet?  Heck
> >> you could call anyone up if they are logged in and were equipped, crypto
> >> optional.
> If you have a Sparc or a DEC, there's a program called "vat" whcih
> does this, full-duplex over IP.  Unfortunately, I don't remember where
> to get it (lbl?), and archie isn't responding.

How about 'netphone'?
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