1993-10-08 - MEETING: UK Cryptoprivacy Association

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From: russell@eternity.demon.co.uk (Russell Earl Whitaker)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-08 09:25:40 UTC
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From: russell@eternity.demon.co.uk (Russell Earl Whitaker)
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 93 02:25:40 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: MEETING: UK Cryptoprivacy Association
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UK Cryptoprivacy Association meeting

Date:  Sunday, 31 October 1993
Time:  1430

At the offices of:

   4th floor
   2 Grosvenor Gardens
   London   SW1W 0DH

[ FOREST is located at the corner of Grosvenor Gardens and Hobart
  Place, a couple of blocks west of Victoria Station. There is a 
  taxi shelter across the street from the office. Those who have 
  trouble finding this location can page Russell Whitaker on  
  081-812-2661, and stand by the payphone or cellphone for a callback. ]

The UK Cryptoprivacy Association has its roots in the U.S. cypherpunk 
advocacy of strong personal cryptography.  The next UKCA meeting, to be 
held at the offices of FOREST (see the above), will feature roundtable 
discussion on such issues as:

    - The recent well-publicised discovery of a larger number of U.S. 
        National Security Agency (NSA) electronic listening posts 
        than had been previously suspected;
    - Further news on the spread of freely-available public key 
        cryptography software in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the 
        Transcaucasian states;
    - The status of the various UK and Moscow PGP public key servers and 
        software archive sites, with input from a couple of maintainers 
        of these services in the UK;
    - The implications of the legal controversy surrounding the 
        development and distribution of PGP encryption software in the 
        U.S., with further discussion on the possibility of volunteer 
        contributions to Phil Zimmermann's legal defence fund;
    - Introduction to public key cryptography for novices

Attendees are encouraged to bring and exchange diskettes with their 
PGP public keys.  A few of us will bring along our MS-DOS laptops, to 
sign public keys on site.  In the interest of speeding things along, it is 
recommended that all keys signed at the meeting be submitted later, with 
their newly appended signatures, to the PGP Key Server at Demon 
Internet Services.  Send a message with the subject line "help" to 
pgp-public-keys@demon.co.uk, for more information.  PGP (Phil 
Zimmermann's "Pretty Good Privacy") public key encryption software can 
be obtained by ftp from, among other places, ftp.demon.co.uk in the 
directory /pub/pgp.  Versions include, but are not limited to, Unix, 
MS-DOS, Archimedes, and MacOS.  Full source code is available.

This meeting will also feature discussion on the upcoming First European 
Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy (ECFP '93) to be held on 
20 November 1993, which will feature speakers including John Gilmore, 
David Chaum, and Duncan Frissell, as well as a representative of the 
UK's Data Protection Registry.

Russell Earl Whitaker
ECFP Ventures Ltd

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Russell Earl Whitaker                   whitaker@eternity.demon.co.uk
Communications Editor                                 AMiX: RWhitaker
EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought
Board member, Extropy Institute (ExI)
    Co-organizer, 1st European Conference on Computers, Freedom and
    Privacy, London, 20 November 1993