1993-10-08 - Re: The death of the list as we know it (tm)

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.fi>
To: “Matthew B. Landry” <mbl@ml7694a.leonard.american.edu>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-08 18:45:45 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 8 Oct 93 11:45:45 PDT

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From: Johan Helsingius <julf@penet.fi>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 93 11:45:45 PDT
To: "Matthew B. Landry" <mbl@ml7694a.leonard.american.edu>
Subject: Re: The death of the list as we know it (tm)
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>         To the people who say that Usenet has a worse s/n ratio than mail, I 
> have two points. First, not all of Usenet has a bad s/n ratio (and this 
> particular list _does_ have a _very_ bad s/n ratio). Second, the traditionally
> lower s/n ratio on Usenet has led to the development of better tools to deal 
> with it than are available in mail. (I'd dearly love to see an ignore feature
> on this list, as I understand that the Extropians have, but I realize that's 
> unrealistic. Even that wouldn't be as effective as a well-designed killfile.)

My mh gives me all the same capabilities as any newsreader. If you want to use
a newsreader, do the gatewaying at your own site. If cyperpunks becomes a
newsgroup, count on me dropping off.