1993-11-22 - Applied Cryptography Errata (fwd)

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From: Anonymous <nowhere@bsu-cs.bsu.edu>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 93 11:58:43 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Applied Cryptography Errata (fwd)
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From: schneier@chinet.chinet.com (Bruce Schneier)
Subject: APPLIED CRYPTOGRAPHY Errata 1.0 - Please Distribute Far and Wide
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Organization: Chinet - Public Access UNIX
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 16:33:25 GMT

This is the errata sheet to APPLIED CRYPTOGRAPHY.  Copy it; send it to your
friends; post it on ftp sites.  For an on-line copy of the books table or
contents and index, and information on how to buy a paper copy of the book,
please e-mail me directly.  If you find any more errors, pleasee-mail me 
directly as well.



                                             APPLIED CRYPTOGRAPHY

                                        Version 1.0 - November 22, 1993

Page xvii:  Third sentence, first line.  "Part IV" should
be "Part III".

Page 6:  Sixth and seventh lines.  "against symmetric"
should be "against a symmetric".

Page 8:  Second paragraph, first line.  "q code" should
be "a code".

Page 13:  Third paragraph.  Delete parenthetical

Page 13:  Fifth paragraph, first line.  "Shift the key"
should be "shift the ciphertext".

Page 15:  Section 1.3, first line.  "Throughout the book
use" should be "Throughout the book I use".

Page 28:  Third paragraph, third and fourth sentences
should be "How to put mail in a mailbox is public
knowledge.  How to open the mailbox is not public

Page 30:  "Attacks Against Public Key Cryptography,"
second paragraph.  "The database also has to be
protected from access by anyone" should be "The
database also has to be protected from write access by

Page 40:  Third line.  "computer can exist" should be
"computer can be".

Page 51:  Step 5.  "with what he received from Bob"
should be "with what he received from Alice".

Page 77:  "Flipping Coins into a Well," first line.
"neither party learns the result" should be "Alice and
Bob don't learn the result".

Page 90:  Last paragraph.  "step (3)" should be "step

Page 91:  Second line.  "step (3)" should be "step (4)".

Page 93:  "Blind Signatures," first line.  "An essential
in all" should be "An essential feature in all".

Page 98:  First paragraph after protocol, fourth line. 
"to determine the DES key with the other encrypted
message" should be "to determine the DES key that the
other encrypted message was encrypted in."

Page 131:  Fifth paragraph.  "each capable of checking
265 million keys" should be "each capable of checking
256 million keys".

Page 141:  "Reduced Keyspaces," last sentence.  "don't
expect your keys to stand up" should be "don't expect
short keys to stand up".

Page 157:  Figure 8.2.  "IO" should be "IV".

Page 159:  Figure 8.3.  "IO" should be "IV".

Page 164:  Figure 8.7.  "IO" should be "IV".

Page 165:  Last equation.  There should be a "(P)" at
the end of that equation.

Page 178:  Figure 8.20.  In "Node 2", the subscripts
should be "D_2" and "E_3".

Page 191:  First paragraph.  "EBCDIC" should be

Page 198:  Fourth paragraph from bottom, second
sentence.  "If a and b are positive and a is less than n,
you can think of a as the remainder of b when divided
by n" should be "If a and b are positive and b is less
than n, you can think of b as the remainder of a when
divided by n".

Page 199:  Middle of the page.  In the sentence
"Calculating the power of a number modulo a number",
a should not be italicized.

Page 202:  Middle of the page.  In the sentence "Now,
how do you go about finding the inverse of a modulo
n?" "a" should be italicized.

Page 214:  Last line.  "n" should be "p".

Page 215:  Lehman test, step 5.  All three "(n-1)/2"
should be exponents.

Page 222:  "Validation and Certification of DES
Equipment," first line.  "As part of the standard, the
DES NIST" should be "As part of the DES standard,

Page 228:  Fourth paragraph, last line.  "0 to 16"
should be 0 to 15".

Page 229:  Fifth paragraph should read:  "For example,
assume that the input to the sixth S-box (that is, bits 31
through 36 of the XOR function) are 110010.  The first
and last bits combine to form 10, which corresponds to
row 3 of the sixth S-box.  The middle four bits
combine to form 1001, which corresponds to column 9
of the same S-box.  The entry under row 3, column 9
of S-box 6 is 0.  (Remember, we count rows and
columns from 0, and not from 1.)  The value 0000 is
substituted for 110010.

Page 238:  Last line before "Additional Results." 
"NSA" should be "IBM".

Page 238:  "Differential Cryptanalysis," third
paragraph.  "(1/16)^2" should be "(14/16)^2" and
"5%" should be "77%".

Page 250:  The two functions should be:
   S_0(a,b) = rotate left 2 bits (a+b) mod 256)
   S_1(a,b) = rotate left 2 bits (a+b+1) mod 256)
Note the difference in parentheses.

Page 250:  Figure 11.4.  Note that a is broken up into
four 8-bit substrings, a_1, a_2, a_3, and a_4.

Page 251:  Figure 11.6.  The definitions for S_0 and
S_1 are incorrect.  See corrections from previous page.

Page 262:  Figure 11.9.  There is a line missing.  It
should run from the symbol where Z_5 is multiplied
with the intermediate result to the addition symbol
directly to the right.

Page 265:  Figure 11.10.  There is a line missing.  It
should run from the symbol where Z_5 is multiplied
with the intermediate result to the addition symbol
directly to the right.

Pages 266-7:  Since the publication of this book, MMB
has been broken.  Do not use this algorithm.

Page 267:  Sixth line from bottom.  Footnote should be

Page 269:  "Skipjack."  First paragraph.  Footnote
should be "[654]".

Page 271:  Middle of the page.  "(for example, MD2,
MD5, Snefru" should be "(for example, MD2, MD4,

Page 272:  Second to last line.  "But it is be analyzed"
should be "but it is being analyzed".

Page 286:  Second to last line.  "Eve wants to Alice to"
should be "Even wants Alice to".

Page 295:  First line.  "Alice picks t random numbers
fewer than n" should be "Alice picks t random number
less than n".

Page 301:  Middle of the page.  Delete the sentence
"Since the math is all correct, they do this step."

Page 305:  Third paragraph, parenthetical remark. 
"DES meant that both" should be "DES mean both".

Page 306:  Fourth paragraph.  Delete the word

Page 307:  "Description of the Algorithm."  "p = a
prime number 2^L bits long" should be "p = a prime
number L bits long".

Page 330:  Definitions of FF, GG, HH, and II.  In all
of them, "a = b +" should be "a = a +".

Page 347:  Second paragraph.  "(For example, m
should be chosen to be a prime number.)" should be
"(For example, c and m should be relatively prime.)"

Page 351:  Second line of text.  "they hold current"
should be "they hold the current".

Page 353:  Second paragraph.  "are often used from
stream ciphers" should be "are often used for stream

Page 356:  Source code.  "ShiftRegister =
(ShiftRegister ^ (mask >> 1))" should be
"ShiftRegister = ((ShiftRegister ^ mask) >> 1)".

Page 362:  Figure 15.10.  "LFSR-B" should be "LFSR-
A" and vice versa.  The second "a(t+n-1)" should be
"a(t+n)", and the second "b(t+n-1)" should be

Page 365:  "Blum-Micali Generator."  In the equation,
"x_i" should be an exponent, not a subscript.

Page 391:  Second protocol, step (1).  "in his
implementation of DES" should be "in his
implementation of DSS".

Page 436:  "Pretty Good Privacy."  Third paragraph. 
Delete third sentence.

Page 437:  "Clipper."  Second paragraph:  foonote
should be "[473]".  Fourth paragraph:  footnotes should
be "[473,654,876,271,57]".

Page 438:  Middle of page:  footnote should be
"[654]".  "Capstone," first paragaph:  footnote should
be "[655]".

Page 473:  Function "cpkey(from)". "while (from
endp)" should be "while (from < endp)".

For a current errata sheet, send a self-addressed
stamped envelope to:  Bruce Schneier, Counterpane
Systems, 730 Fair Oaks Ave., Oak Park, IL  60302; 
or send electronic mail to: schneier@chinet.com.