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From: davros@raf.com (Dave Ross)
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From: davros@raf.com (Dave Ross)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 15:22:38 PST
To: distribution.@uu1014.UUCP@uu9.psi.com; (see end of body)
Subject: No Subject
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Subject: Openings at RAF

I had posting problems on the first try at this.  Please forgive the
duplicate message if you got one.  -dave

My company, RAF Technology, is hiring for two software positions, a
Senior Engineer and a Software technician.  We want to hire right away,
but as always want first-quality people.  Please pass this on as you
think appropriate.  Here are the net postings for the two positions.

-Dave Ross

For Senior Software Engineer:

   RAF Technology inc. is a maker of pattern recognition solutions.
RAF is a leader in Optical Character Recognition for forms.  We have
challenging problems and needs hard working creative people to solve
them.  We are constantly trying to find new algorithms that will
recognize printed information faster and more accurately.  

   We are looking for a full-time, senior engineer. This inventor will
be a part of a small team.  An excellent working relationship with the
others is important.  The candidate must be fun to work with, creative
and enjoy meeting the commitments we make to our customers.

   RAF is located in Redmond Washington, which is a suburb of Bellevue
and is about 20 miles from downtown Seattle.

   We are looking for someone with experience in the following:

Algorithm development
User interface design
Unix, C, and C++.

   Experience with co-processor cards, and other hardware accelerators
is a plus. Experience with SGML would be helpful.

   Please mail, or e-mail your resume to:

Bill Greenhalgh
RAF Technology Inc.
16650 NE 79th St Ste 200
Redmond WA 98052


Make it clear you are looking for the Senior Engineer position.


For Software Technician:

   RAF Technology is looking for a software technician.  We are a
small company that makes pattern recognition software.  The immediate
responsibilities will be to collect large data sets that will be used
for forms recognition training and performance evaluation.  This
person will also write test programs and test proceedures for RAF's
software libraries and user interfaces.  The ideal candidate will have
a BS in engineering or sciences.  This position potentially offers an
opportunity to move into a salaried engineering position.

   The position is in Redmond, Washington.  It is paid by the hour, and 
we offer flexible hours, but we need 40 hours a week.

   The candidate will have the following skills:

C programming experience.
Unix, X-Windows, and MS-DOS experience.n

   Please fax, e-mail, or mail your resume to: 

John Taves
RAF Technology Inc,
16650 NE 79th St Ste 200
Redmond WA 98052

Fx: 882-7370

Make it clear you are looking for the Software Technician position.


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