1994-02-13 - Re: Actively Sabotaging Clipper and Capstone?

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From: sommerfeld@orchard.medford.ma.us (Bill Sommerfeld)
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From: sommerfeld@orchard.medford.ma.us (Bill Sommerfeld)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 94 14:01:16 PST
To: tcmay@netcom.com
Subject: Re: Actively Sabotaging Clipper and Capstone?
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Actually, I had heard that there were three different family keys


... and that this indicated that the at least some organizations
within these governments had "bought into" the Clipper scheme.

The person who told me this claimed that the pressure for key escrow
came from much higher levels -- the National Security Council, *not*
the NSA -- and that various lower-level functionaries within NIST
among others were *not* happy about having to toe the administration
line on key escrow.

This does not fit well with Gore's recent "good cop" remarks.

						- Bill