1994-02-08 - Magic Money -> Chaum Cash

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From: hughes@ah.com (Eric Hughes)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-02-08 18:10:50 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 8 Feb 94 10:10:50 PST

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From: hughes@ah.com (Eric Hughes)
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 94 10:10:50 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Magic Money -> Chaum Cash
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Message-ID: <9402081801.AA01592@ah.com>
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>Based on Eric's long and mathematical
>explanation, which I did not fully understand and was therefore convinced

An example of reputation-based proof by obscurity.

I hope the main point came out, though.  There are lots of parameters
to pick from, and therefore lots of attacks can be contemplated.

>I have changed the program to use full Chaum cash. 

Be careful when you say this.  Chaum has worked on lots of cash
protocols.  Better to say that you're now using a non-multiplicative