1994-02-06 - Re: archiving on inet

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From: Chris Knight <cknight@crl.com>
To: Phil Karn <karn@qualcomm.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1994-02-06 08:50:23 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 6 Feb 94 00:50:23 PST

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From: Chris Knight <cknight@crl.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 94 00:50:23 PST
To: Phil Karn <karn@qualcomm.com>
Subject: Re: archiving on inet
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On Sun, 6 Feb 1994, Phil Karn wrote:

> The next release of my KA9Q NOS software, prior versions of which have
> already appeared on quite a few CD-ROMs, will contain a copyright
> notice that explicitly grants permission to CD-ROM publishers to carry
> it for free -- on the condition that they send me a free copy of the
> disk.

It's a good idea...  But can you see a CD-ROM publisher sending a free CD 
to everyone who puts that in a disclaimer?  Still... It's more likely 
than calculating royalties!