1994-02-10 - Re: “national security” exception to wiretap laws

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From: drzaphod@brewmeister.xstablu.com (DrZaphod)
To: nobody@shell.portal.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-02-10 10:30:18 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 02:30:18 PST

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From: drzaphod@brewmeister.xstablu.com (DrZaphod)
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 02:30:18 PST
To: nobody@shell.portal.com
Subject: Re: "national security" exception to wiretap laws
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	Why do they even bother to write this stuff down.  It's clear
that the govt. is determined to get away with whatever they want.. meaning
to take our money and spy on us.  It's a waste of thought and energy
for them to pretend they're on our side.  I follow the physical laws
[as we're aware of them] only part of the time.. and I'll be damned if
I play along with their games of rape and pillage on the most grandiose of
scales.  We SHOULD be concerned with what means of encryption we can
harness to give us the best possible privacy.. NOT what encryption will
the govt. allow us to use so they can still listen whenever they want.

Suggestion: Disband the government - now THERE's a waste of bandwidth.

> 18 USC s 2511(2)(f):

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