1994-02-04 - Re: New remailer up

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From: sdw@meaddata.com (Stephen Williams)
To: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-02-04 15:09:50 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 07:09:50 PST

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From: sdw@meaddata.com (Stephen Williams)
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 07:09:50 PST
To: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
Subject: Re: New remailer up
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> > Julf's anon.penet.fi remailer is serious; he's done a lot of work
> > to get a private machine, payng for a reasonably expensive
> > 64kbps line himself, and has it located somewhere that only 3 people know.
> How can this be?  What about the people who operate his connection point
> to the net?  Wouldn't they know where his machine is located?  What is
> the physical embodiment of his 64kbps line?  Can't that line be traced
> to its terminus?

That started me down an interesting line of thought...

You can get spread spectrum radio/data modems that do 256Kbits/sec
(Cylink) and can go up to 30 Miles.  It is unlicensed in the US
because it is limited to .8watts (I think).  I believe 10 miles is the
limit with an omnidirectional antenna.  Spread spectrum should be
pretty hard to triangulate on.  Remember that the technology came from
unjammable military radios.

I think you'd have to have a fairly sophisticated scanner to even pick
it up.

Using a creative arrangement, this could provide a good cover for
physical location.  (If you could get the server in the back of a city
bus or something...)

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