1994-03-23 - Controlling the Internet

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From: nobody@shell.portal.com
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-03-23 21:33:40 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 23 Mar 94 13:33:40 PST

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From: nobody@shell.portal.com
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 94 13:33:40 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Controlling the Internet
Message-ID: <199403232134.NAA01956@jobe.shell.portal.com>
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[It shouldn't be too hard to figure out who "nobody" is:]

Blanc writes...

>I can't say that everything that billg does or makes arrangements for 
>with his clout will be defensible;  I can point out that any 
>arrangements which he makes with others depends upon those individual's 
>consent, their agreeableness, and not to coercion or the elimination of 
>choice altogether.  (I don't know all of the details of how the closing 
>The threat of a monopolization of power which  (someone)  mentioned 
>as being presented by Microsoft's dominance in the market is not of the 
>same type as is presented by the government's.  From what I know about 
>"intellectual property", this concept is supposed to establish the 
>source of what has been produced (software) as belonging to its 
>creator, and therefore as something akin to an object or service which 
>can be traded and from which one can receive payment.  It's a way to 
>make a living, in other words, based on the recognition of a value.

I think we agree philosophically.  Where we diverge is in our understanding
of things-as-they-are.  I contend that large companies, MS being one 
example, often enlist the government and its coercive powers in their

One issue where I think I've seen MS's hand is "intellectual property".
My concern about "intellectual property" is that MS and some others have
changed the terms of the debate ["property" is protected more than
"privilege"] and the law to further their own interests, to the detriment
of the rest of us.

>The only way that I can think of to counter the dominance of one 
>company in the free exchange of goods is to desist from the purchase of 
>that company's offerings, or better yet to produce better ones and make 
>a better case for them with the buying public.

We need to  reduce the power of government so that it cannot be enlisted 
in any company's service.

That said, I am following your advice:  With the exception of the
ubiquitous DOS/Windows operating systems, I've gotten rid of every MS 
product on my machines.  If OS/2 ever grows up [can handle a 14.4k 
faxmodem for example], I'll be MS free.
One example of why I'm ticked at SPA folks ...

>Date:  [Recently]
>To:    [Us]
>From:  [Them]

>Comprehensive Computer Inspection

>Beginning [Soon], [We] will conduct a comprehensive inspection ...

>...[T]the sofware inventory and licensing compliance issue will be 
>emphasized.  Each user should make certain that the report from the 
>latest sofware inventory list is up-to-date and is readily 
>available for the inspector. (...)

>When confronted by potential inspectors...  No "smart" remarks ...

I'm tired of this shit.
Now, imagine if SPA owned the internet....