1994-04-29 - Re: spooks on cypherpunks

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From: joshua geller <joshua@cae.retix.com>
To: rustman@netcom.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-04-29 03:47:30 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Apr 94 20:47:30 PDT

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From: joshua geller <joshua@cae.retix.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 94 20:47:30 PDT
To: rustman@netcom.com
Subject: Re: spooks on cypherpunks
Message-ID: <199404290346.UAA04376@sleepy.retix.com>
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>It probably sounds silly, but there are probably more or at least as many
>spooks who *like* what we're doing than those who oppose it.

I have a childhood friend who grew up to be a new york city cop.
we used to smoke mega drugs together. I met him at my brothers
wedding and asked him about his vocational choice, it seemed
strange. he said 'there are 20,000 new york city cops. every kind
of person you can imagine is a new york city cop'.

all generalizations are false.