1994-05-04 - Re: Cypherpunks are Coding

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From: “Christian D. Odhner” <cdodhner@indirect.com>
To: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-04 02:35:02 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 3 May 94 19:35:02 PDT

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From: "Christian D. Odhner" <cdodhner@indirect.com>
Date: Tue, 3 May 94 19:35:02 PDT
To: Duncan Frissell <frissell@panix.com>
Subject: Re: Cypherpunks *are* Coding
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On Tue, 3 May 1994, Duncan Frissell wrote:

> These are:  Secure Drive 1.3D, Secure File System 1.0, and the new Secure 
> Device 1.0(?).
The latest version I am aware of for secure device is 1.2

> volumes.  Secure Device creates an encrypted file that DOS sees as a drive 
> (like DoubleDisk or Stacker but without the compression).  I will try out 
> Secure Device as soon as I can get into the FTP site which has been busy.
It is extremely good and easy to use, the only problem is that the 
largest device/file it creates correctly is about 8megs... I now have 
virtual drives d-m each as 8meg encrypted files, and I would much rather 
have one 80 meg partition... oh well. Aside from that it is one of the 
best encryption programs I have ever used.

Happy Hunting, -Chris.

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