1994-05-01 - Re: Secure Drive is now obslete

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From: rarachel@prism.poly.edu (Arsen Ray Arachelian)
To: MIKEINGLE@delphi.com (Mike Ingle)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-01 20:35:19 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 1 May 94 13:35:19 PDT

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From: rarachel@prism.poly.edu (Arsen Ray Arachelian)
Date: Sun, 1 May 94 13:35:19 PDT
To: MIKEINGLE@delphi.com (Mike Ingle)
Subject: Re: Secure Drive is now obslete
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Can SecureDevice be used to mount from a network volume?  This would be
a very very useful feature, although I'd imagine a total headache to
actually implement...

The one thing I dislike about SecureDevice (even before using it) is that
it can be zapped by a frustrated would-be-codeanalyst...  Of course now
that we can back it up to tape, it's not that big an issue. :-)

Also, the old SecureDrive program had a protection feature in the TSR, but
in any case, it wouldn't help if the TSR was killed off, or if our bad-guy
booted from a floppy.  He could still kill the drive...

But that's not too huge an issue as anyone can zap your hard drive if they
wanted to in any case... :-I