1994-05-26 - Re: Unicorn vs. tmp@netcom

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From: “Jim Sewell” <jims@Central.KeyWest.MPGN.COM>
To: unicorn@access.digex.net (Black Unicorn)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-26 17:22:54 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 26 May 94 10:22:54 PDT

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From: "Jim Sewell" <jims@Central.KeyWest.MPGN.COM>
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 10:22:54 PDT
To: unicorn@access.digex.net (Black Unicorn)
Subject: Re: Unicorn vs. tmp@netcom
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<In mail Black Unicorn said:>
> It would be an easy matter for me to expose his identity, his work, his 
> finances, I have and will not.

  Not that I would suggest anyone to do this, but I do wonder if the
  information obtained for the court case is public knowlege or is it
  in a 'sealed' file?  Knowing nothing of law I haven't a clue, but if
  it is public information then another cypherpunk might find it an
  equally easy matter to expose the id, work, finances, etc of the
  tmp@netcom.com person.

  Not that I would suggest doing this.


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