1994-06-09 - Re: Regarding my 500/1 Lurk/Post ratio

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From: Sameer <sameer@soda.berkeley.edu>
To: agarcia@sugar.NeoSoft.COM (Anthony Garcia)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-06-09 20:06:32 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 13:06:32 PDT

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From: Sameer <sameer@soda.berkeley.edu>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 13:06:32 PDT
To: agarcia@sugar.NeoSoft.COM (Anthony Garcia)
Subject: Re: Regarding my 500/1 Lurk/Post ratio
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> an anonymous poster says:
>    funny think about garcia, his first time ever post on c'punx was about
>    larry too......  strange times indeed when a newbie bursts on the scene
>    knowing all about us
>    [deleted: A January post of mine.  Ah, a fellow completist archiver...]
> I got on Cypherpunks last year when Clipper was first announced; I'd
> been aware of it before then due to Tim May's crossposts to the
> Extropians list.  I've been lurking here since then.  I don't post
> much, mainly because I don't have the time.  My offhand remark about
> LD was due to having been recently watching his strange self-flaming
> behavior in various newsgroups; I'd thought I'd throw out some bait to

	I'll vouch for the fact that Tony Garcia has been on the list since
at least last May or so of 1993. I had the opportunity to meet him in
Missouri around that time.