1994-06-06 - Re: Why it is legal to export PGP under ITAR

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From: mech@eff.org (Stanton McCandlish)
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From: mech@eff.org (Stanton McCandlish)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 10:01:02 PDT
To: eff-mail-cypherpunks@eff.org
Subject: Re: Why it is legal to export PGP under ITAR
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Nice try, but NEVER confuse a dictionary definition with a legal definition.

In article <199405280642.XAA05875@jobe.shell.portal.com>,
 <nobody@shell.portal.com> wrote:
>The US ITAR law exempts many things from export restrictions, among them,
>materials availiable in public libraries.  It gives no special definition for a
>library.  My American Heritage Dictionary defines "library" as, among other
>things, "An orginized collection of recorded data arranged for ease of use."
>IOW, an ftp site.  Which means that if a program is available from a public ftp
>site, you're legally allowed to export it. :)

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