1994-07-21 - Re: Who Detweiler is really posting as

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From: “Perry E. Metzger” <perry@imsi.com>
To: joshua geller <joshua@cae.retix.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1994-07-21 17:29:16 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 10:29:16 PDT

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From: "Perry E. Metzger" <perry@imsi.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 10:29:16 PDT
To: joshua geller <joshua@cae.retix.com>
Subject: Re: Who Detweiler is *really* posting as
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joshua geller says:
> >   Russell Earl Whitaker wrote:
> >   I have met Perry.  He IsAPerson.
> or at least a reasonable facsimile. even given his unclean fondness for vi.

To my knowledge, I've never met Joshua Geller. (Its possible I've met
him at some conference without realizing it.)

I don't use vi.