1994-07-28 - Just say NYET to censors

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From: m5@vail.tivoli.com (Mike McNally)
To: jyl@toss.Eng.Sun.COM
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UTC Datetime: 1994-07-28 16:46:31 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 09:46:31 PDT

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From: m5@vail.tivoli.com (Mike McNally)
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 09:46:31 PDT
To: jyl@toss.Eng.Sun.COM
Subject: Just say NYET to censors
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Jacob Levy writes:
 >  > And cable TV?  Nope, can't switch on that cable box without first
 >  > keying in your ID.
 > Would you agree to: Nope, can't watch that XXX movie without first
 > keying in your ID?

No!  Who's going to keep track of all these ID's?  Who'se going to
get access to the database?  Who's to stop "them" from changing their
minds one day and making it such that I need to key in my ID to watch
broadcasts from political fringe groups?

Sorry.  I realize that in some sense things today on cable hover in
the balance; my interest in this group stems from a desire to see the
Great Global Net of the future be one based on the premise that
anonymity has great value.

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