1994-07-29 - Just say NYET to kneejerking

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From: nzook@math.utexas.edu
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-07-29 03:30:39 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 20:30:39 PDT

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From: nzook@math.utexas.edu
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 20:30:39 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Just say NYET to kneejerking
Message-ID: <9407290326.AA16170@owl.ma.utexas.edu>
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I must admit that I'm disappointed.  I figured that I would take some hits,
but for people to only scan a post before reaching for the lighter...
Highlights of the post:
0- I'm a pro-elctronic privacy religous rightist.
        (Someone didn't even get THAT right...)
1- We are rapidly approaching a point that there will be a broad-based 
   demand for censorship.  If the net is to survive in a recognizable
   form, we have to head this off.
   Specifically, BBS sysops have been drug into court on porno or aiding the
   deliquency of a minor charges.  I advance the proposition that we need
   to establish a system that will allow sysops to be able to brush these
   attacks off.
2- The censorship that I advance is censorship _by parents_ _for their own
   children_.  Only.  
   People have talked about cable boxxes and telephones.  Are you not aware
   that many cable companies offer boxes with a (physical) key that must be
   present in order for certain channels to come through?  That the phone
   companies currently allow customers to disallow outgoing 900 calls?  My
   idea is to implement a net-equivalent system--household by household
   determination of what will be allowed into their homes.
3- In this system, the work to determine which parts of the net to allow/
   disallow access to falls entirely on the parents.
4- I believe that this system could be used to gain the protection sysops
   Look at the system.  Imagine you were trying to sue/prosecute a sysop who 
   utilized such a system.  One what basis could you attack?  All decisions
   to allow access were determined by the parent.  The sysop genuinely
   attempts to verify that adults are adults.
   Let me repeat.  This system is an attempt to cut of an almost certain
attempt by some to censor the net.  If we can get this in place, if we can
get legislatures to recognize the system, we should be able to defeat
censorship attempts by people who, from the net's point of view, are on the
margins of society, but, from the nations point of view, are only slightly
"right" of center.
  For those of you who wish to attack me on this, I must insist that you
read my proposal, _in its entirety_.  I am re-posting the article in case
you deleted it.
  I want the net to continue to function as is, with further extensions.
  I want to be able to let my kids (when I have them) on this same net, w/o
    being asked "What's bestiality?"
  I am not about to demand that net users modify their behavior to
    accomdate me.
  I want a system in place so that sysops aren't forced to constantly
    overlook their entire system in order to avoid legal hassles.
A nation that fears guns in the hands of its citzens.... should.