1994-08-08 - RE: CreditCard info

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From: Brian Lane <blane@squeaky.free.org>
To: nobody@shell.portal.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-08-08 04:49:59 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 7 Aug 94 21:49:59 PDT

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From: Brian Lane <blane@squeaky.free.org>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 94 21:49:59 PDT
To: nobody@shell.portal.com
Subject: RE: CreditCard info
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On Sun, 7 Aug 1994 nobody@shell.portal.com wrote:

> Brian Lane <blane@squeaky.free.org> asked:
> >  I filled out a credit app at Sears last month that asked for my SSN, I 
> > didn't give it and didn't get credit either. What exactly is SS related 
> > use? Banks, Employment only?
> Employers are REQUIRED to obtain an SSAN for tax purposes, as are banks for
> reporting interest, etc. to the IRS.  Regarding credit, they generally ask
> for an SSAN because that's the "unique personal identifier" that most credit
> bureaus index your records by (and still screw them up, even then!).
>  --- Diogenes
  Yep, you give them the numbers and they still mess it up. My boss's 
credit report had him with 2 Sears cards, one not his. My friend's credit 
report showed that he had a lein agains his house(he doesn't own one), a 
reposses car(not true), garnished(sp?) wages(not true). Pretty sad.

  I guess a nation ID card/number/barcode/embedded microchip would solve 
this, wouldn't it? I can see us making the progression - in 10 years all 
newborns will have a small uP implanted into their hand(ala Demolition 
Man) that will keep track of all their electronic data. Scares the crap 
out of me.


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