1994-09-08 - Re: Al Gore’s home page

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From: Philip Kizer <pckizer@tamu.edu>
To: cactus@bibliob.slip.netcom.com (L. Todd Masco)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-09-08 16:44:17 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 09:44:17 PDT

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From: Philip Kizer <pckizer@tamu.edu>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 09:44:17 PDT
To: cactus@bibliob.slip.netcom.com (L. Todd Masco)
Subject: Re: Al Gore's home page
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>>> Why can't politicians stay away from stuff they don't understand?
>>> Because that would mean that they have to stay away from everything.


>>I would be much more frightened if they did fully understand.

Yep..."Never attribute to malice..." and all that.

>Actually, what's frightened me the most about this administration is
>that they have half a clue;  And they seem to be willing to learn, if
>only by making mistakes that affect the rest of us.

>Gore's always kept up on technical issues, but hasn't actually lived
>them, and that's the problem: the routine use of the technology changes
>your POV far more than reading the specs.

It looks like the work of a "Kristian 'Kris' Chubb", rather than Al Gore,
but check out:


it's got several pictures of Gore (sitting at a computer with his ultra
serious expression, no less), and a voice intro by him.

(sunsite.unc.edu seems to not be answering if you cannot follow some links)


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