1995-01-07 - Big vs Little providers (punkette view)

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From: Carol Anne Braddock <carolann@mm.com>
To: “I’m Wozz” <wozzeck@phantom.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1995-01-07 11:27:52 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 7 Jan 95 03:27:52 PST

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From: Carol Anne Braddock  <carolann@mm.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 95 03:27:52 PST
To: "I'm Wozz" <wozzeck@phantom.com>
Subject: Big vs Little providers (punkette view)
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Perspective, Perspective, Perspective.

You're both right on many counts.

Mike is a "fine benevolent dictator". He has many "happy" users.
He has now five local Usenet groups of winternet.*

But he reneges on deals. The shirts were ready before Thanksgiving.
He posseses them as I write. He violates the spirit by which
I processed their making (the samples).

Many orders for the shirts were made prior to Thanksgiving, I still have the
mail for them at squeaky.free.org (good storage place).

Then there's the GT story. I organized one for them. Created a sked for 
more of them. He didn't like the sked. The Users did.

There was an incident of much greater magnitude, that drew far less
attention. It was my call for WWW crosspost linkages. It was hand
posted to 75 or so groups, one at a time. The plus minus ratio of
mail was last at 412 positive, and 8 negative. Squeaky has half the
mail. There's 50 and growing crossposts that are drawing 200+ 
accesses a day to that page. Any other page he has on his system 
is only drawing 40-50 responses at best. I have copies of the
daily access statistics /usr/local/ect/httpd/stats/summary

If my mail is frozen, so to should all phases of that account, including
the WWW Pages. Besides maybe they"have violated acceptable use policy",too!
That's just sound administrative policy to shut everything down.

You haven't heard about Webbittown, yet. Bruce Sterling owns #9 Blackice 
Blvd. It's a Web page city of 20,000 individual pages, at a $1,000 a page.
Just like Real Estate. Run by doom software drivers.

Mike's poor vision is another T1 line, maybe two if he's lucky.
They are hacking his machine like crazy, he claims.
That means you got some serious enemies, if it's true.
That means you don't abuse your fans like me, at a time like that.
It also probably means one of his "friends" is his enemy.

I have an alt.dream.lucid of having the world's best web server.
I dream of people being able to protect their HTML code with PGP.
Funtional on top, crypto underneath. Encryption on the fly.

This was something that was bound to happen sooner or later.
Better sooner than later. Now there's precedent. 10 groups,
and the reply's caught in the pine processor 3.91,too!

Doc Ozone says pine 3.91's full of leaks. Doc Ozone and I make 
machines for people who are 'netless'. It's called the tired,
poor project. Give us your tired, your poor, your old PC's.

Miles, a seven year old is next on the list. We gave Mike a 
Sparc monitor from one of our equipment forrays. Free,zip, zilch
for we got for free zip zilch. He begged for it. It was still
sitting in the office wednesday, unfixed for anyone.

I equate the thing to a domestic abuse situation. As long as it's
minor, as long as it's hushed, it's OK Even this would have been
OK if had stayed silent. There is a safety in numbers factor.
AOL proves it. And as they descend upon the the net things will
change again.

The moment I called little tiny Micro Net, I knew there would be
fallout. I will not respond to the actual posting unless I'm asked
a direct question about the substance of the post. But it's
pretty self explanitory, and I cry to think there's a real bitch.

Yes, at Netcom, I can now probably get much further, much faster.
No I wouldn't subject myself or anyone to Winternet. But I wouldn't
subject a newbie to Netcom either. I did it once and was sorry, too.

I'm just a punk girl who writes great HTML code. And I hope that
it can be protected by cryptograhy, that's my little goal.

I hope I have both made you think and feel you are right,
because both of you are, in certain kinds of ways. And you know it, too.

Now where was I?, oh yeah, Is there like a Remailer for Dummies,
quick reference manual? I could have fun learning & doing that.

Till My Next Mini-Rant,

Love Always,

Carol Anne

Signature withdrawn at the request (pretty rightfully 
so) of my dear friends on the Cypherpunk List 
Coming Soon: The Internet Debut of CENSORED.COM