1995-01-06 - Re: Files and mail

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From: Carol Anne Braddock <carolann@mm.com>
To: Mike Horwath <drechsau@winternet.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1995-01-06 19:43:17 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 6 Jan 95 11:43:17 PST

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From: Carol Anne Braddock <carolann@mm.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 95 11:43:17 PST
To: Mike Horwath <drechsau@winternet.com>
Subject: Re: Files and mail
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Dear Mr. Horwath,

A written reply will suffice.
You have my permission to make all of my files world readable.
You can put them in the ftp site.

Upon receipt of notice, they will be removed within 24 hours,
and you will recieve a signed PGP statement with the new key,
stating that the files have been removed. Other Winternet users have
already gone to my defense, and copied all of the world readable
material anyway. And the whole account might as well be, too.

Please do not forward any mail here. You will better serve yourself 
bouncing the letter back to the sender and informing them of my new
address. If I find forwarded mail in my mailbox, I will print hard
copies and visit the Attorney General's Office and file a complaint
under the Stalking laws of the State of Minnesota.

And please...deactivate my WWW pages. I was astounded to find out
that during the suspension, they continued to remain active, as I
learned in the office Wednesday. That was (and still is) stealing my 
net.web.goodwill, and creating a falsehood amongst other users.

My WWW Pages have found a nice, new, warm sunny home in Austin, Texas.

I spent six full hours making a personal appearance, at great 
personal expense, to the Winternet Office to resolve the situation.

My original reply still sits in suspended composition in my mailer. I 
wasted not a nano-second in preparing my reply to the posting. In legal
point of fact, the poster is violation of Minnesota State Law. He has
no legal jurisdiction whatsoever.

I did not take days to "investigate", nor cite that other things such as
"my machines being hacked" and "I'll do it when I'm ready to do it,".

I was a simple complaint. It had no validity. Crossposting an article to
.1% of the Usenet News Groups does not by the very statistic constitute 
spam. (And I own two shares of Hormel Corp, so I do know what SPAM (tm) is.

As was pointed out in alt.current-affairs.net-abuse
The complainer didn't fully read said article. It was timely.(and still is)
The crossposting wasn't wasting resources.
It is of no one's concern the actual groups posted. 
They have the right and ability to respond.
I asked for no money. I did not stand to profit by the posting.
The person who started the whole thing was pretty heavily chastised,
by the readers of his own news group.

A fast "K" was all that any individual needed for this article.

No, Mr. Horwath, you are "way out-of-bounds" this time.
And as the time cronology unveils itself, I am sure that 
will be shown to be a very truthful, factual statement.

Dangerous precedents were set here. I will not rest until the 
whole of the Internet knows and is aware of the situation.

Carol Anne Braddock
Friday January 6th, 1995 9:40 A.M.

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Mike Horwath wrote:

> You are welcome to your files and mail, I will pack everything up for
> you as you left it, including your FTP area.
> I expect you to try to reach me today in the afternoon at my office and
> I will fully explain why your account was deleted, with full detail as
> to why.
> I do appreciate the work you did on the shirts for Winternet.  I don't
> appreciate the harassment you have already tried to bring upon me.
> When we talk, I think you might understand why this was done.  If you do
> not, then I feel bad, as I must then not be making myself clear.  But
> no matter what, this was policy that you chose to break even after I 
> had talked to you about it.  More on this when we talk.
> Good luck at your new provider, Larry Leone is an old user of mine and
> seems to be a good guy, even if a little quiet on the newsgroups :)
> A copy of this letter is also going to your new admin so that he knows
> what is going on.
> Larry, Carol Anne was using about 11.5MB of disk that will be moving
> over from Winternet to MM.
> Also, how have you been anyway?  Been awhile since I saw you.  Oh, and
> could you install identd on your system?  Get back to me on anything,
> or with questions.
> -- 
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